Photo credit The Library of Congress - Day laborers picking cotton near Clarksdale Miss Delta LOC -

Eastcoast blues supergroup The Georgia Cotton Pickers – “Diddle-Da-Diddle”

Back in the twenties there were quite some talented Blues musicians in the Georgia region. By 1926  there was this guy called Robert Hicks aka “Barbecue Bob” who had a big contribution  to the Atlanta and Piedmont Blues style. With his Brother he set up a fantastic blues super group called the Georgia Cotton Pickers. 

Georgia Cotton Pickers –  “Diddle-Da-Diddle”

The first song that shows the sound of the Cotton Pickers perfectly is “Diddle-Da-Diddle”. I’m getting verry happy of the beautiful piedmont blues guitar, swinging harmonica and soul filled vocal parts.



Formation of the Georgia Cotton Pickers

On you find a pretty clear description of the band history. “Robert Hicks, also known as Barbecue Bob, got his brother Charlie Hicks in on the band, and the other members were two brilliant harmonica players, Eddie Mappand Buddy Moss. The latter player also recorded as a guitarist and vocalist”.

Adeption of Blind Blake

The song is an adeption of Blind Blake’s “Diddie Wa Diddie”, and not mistaken with Willie Dixon and Bo Diddley’s succesful song “Diddy Wah Diddy” recorded in 1956.

The Georgia Cotton Pickers recorded several songs which are also worth listen to like: “She’s Coming Back Some Cold Rainy Day”.

Photo credit: The Library of Congress – Day laborers picking cotton near Clarksdale, Miss. Delta (LOC) – Wolcott, Marion Post, 1910-1990, photographer

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