Bluesman The Goon Mat in Mississippi

Bluesman The Goon Mat in Mississippi

Belgian Bluesman The Goon Mat, known for his work with Bluesband Stinky Lou and The Goon MAt with Lord Berando, went a couple of years ago to Clarksdale Mississippi to feel the roots of blues. His Journey was directed, filmed, and edited by Iain McCray Martinand for the documentary Mud on your Shoes Blues.

‘Mud on Your Shoes Blues’ documentary

What you see is the journey of a bluesman to places such as Clarksdale, MS, Memphis, TN, and Atlanta, GA.  The Goon Mat visits John Lowe owner of Xanadu Music and Books for a jam session. He drives through the Delta and visits fine places around the blues diaspora.

As a member of Stinky Lou And The Goon Mat With Lord Benardo Band, The Goon Mat made quite some fame in Europe. This blues and boogie band brings slide guitar blues in the style of R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimborough. They made the rhythms Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell  once made faster and boogier. The band with “the Longest Band name in history” plays some of the finest Boogie ‘n’ Roots like a Uncontrolled Tornado Sweeping away everything that’s in their way.

According to their record label Voodoo Rhythm Records “Matthias Dalle ( the goon mat) is hip to the hypnotic drone that is reminiscent of a Junior Kimbrough, STINKY LOU assaults his washtub base not unlike a man whose hair is on fire…and LORD BENARDO…that boy has positively lost his mind and plays the most demented and groovin’ harp the good old world has to offer”.


Photo credit: By CaptainMary (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Goon Mat & Lord Bernardo – Stay On Me

The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo – What It’s All About / Stay on Me

Stinky Lou and The Goon Mat With Lord Bernardo on Spotify

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