Debut Single “Soda Man” by Australian Blues / House duo HPKNS

Debut Single “Soda Man” by Australian Blues / House duo HPKNS

The bandname of Blues / House duo HPKNS from Melbourne, Australia pays homage to  blues legend Lightnin’ Hopkins whose traditional foot stomping blues forms the basis of HPKNS style. This duo is eccentric and unique for the way they approach the blues roots in their music. 

Inspiration for “Soda Man”

Inspired by the songs of the Texas blues legehpkns-bw-2nd Lightnin’ Hopkins you will find a mixture of danceable beats and electrifying  guitar and bass riffs in their music. HPKNS launched their ‘Devilishly Pounding’ Blues // House debut single ‘Soda Man’ this September and are ready to hit the road.

‘Soda Man’ is a grooving song with an attractive guitar riff and feels like a 2016 version of  the work bluesmen like Son House once recorded. Listen to “Death Letter Blues”, which he recorded in 1965 and you’ll find a similar groove in HPKNS arrangements.

Blues / House Duo HPKNS

The duo HPKNS consists of James Deville (vocals // guitar) & Dave Lovegrove (vocals // bass // percussion). While HPKNS roots lie in traditional blues with offshoots of glam, psychedelica & garage rock, the significant driving force behind the music is the beat which is a product of their love for House.

These guys love writing & performing and have a solid 1 hour set ready to hit the road with. I’m very curious about what HPKNS will bring next!

Visit HPKNS on their website and support them on Facebook!

Making Of Soda Man – HPKNS

Son House – Death Letter Blues

Lightnin’ Hopkins – Bring Me My Shotgun


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