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Electric blues bands: New Zealand’s Heart Attack Alley

Electric blues bands: New Zealand’s Heart Attack Alley

They deliver a tight blues sound and remember us of tunes we heard more than fifty years ago when electric harmonica-driven blues was new. They also bring us back to the late seventies when Garage punk songs were everywhere. Heart Attack Alley from Auckland New Zealand originated in 2009 in a series of blues jam sessions on Kristal G’s front porch. 

Little Walter to The Cramps

Little Walter and garage band the Cramps would be happy to hear these musicians bring the raw and harmonica-based songs to the stage. Not only the blues inspires Heart Attack Alley also punk and garage bands are visible influences of this New Zealand band. The mix of blues and garage sho’ brings some new dimensions to their sound.

Sounds like: Little Walter featuring The Cramps | Muddy Waters | Punk Blues | Dusty and Black Tie

Bars, ballrooms and Wanda Jackson

They have played at all kinds of bars, ballrooms and front parlours around New Zealand, supporting powerhouses like the Queen of Rockabilly Wanda Jackson, Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis and playing alongside Voodoo Rhythm larrikins Delaney Davidson and Reverend Beat-man .

Support Heart Attack Alley here and listen to more song on their Bandcamp

I Put a Spell On You

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