Song of the Day – Taj Mahal Leaving Trunk

Song of the Day – Taj Mahal Leaving Trunk

Taj Mahal’s Leaving Trunk kicks off with a killer harmonicar riff followed by a high rocking guitar riff played by Ry Cooder. The bass guitar is  funky and the vocals rhythmic. Leaving Trunk is the opening song of Taj’s debut album called “Taj Mahal”.

Song Based on Milk Cow Blues

Parts of Leaving Trunk are based on Sleepy John Estes Milk Cow Blues which the Tennessee bluesman recorded in 1930. Nevertheless the Taj Mahal version is completely different, this songs rocks, the vocals are strong and rhythmic. With Leaving Trunk Mahal made his mark in the world of blues in 1968.

I went upstairs to pack my leavin’ trunk
I ain’t see no blues, whiskey made me sloppy drunk
I ain’t never seen no whiskey, the blues made me sloppy drunk
I’m going back to Memphis babe, where I’ll have much better luck



Sleepy John Estes – Milk Cow Blues

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