Folk rooted Western Blues by Jonivan Jones


Folk rooted Western Blues by Jonivan Jones

This alternative singer-songwriter from Little Rock, Arkansas brings Folk rooted songs filled with western guitar melody’s and  bluesy rhythms. Jonivan Jones released his easy listenable album Ghostwriter this March.

Ghostwriter:  more than just seperate songs

Jonivan Jones’ album is more than just seperate songs it is one to listen completely to get the groove of the music.  Some will find it hypnotic some will be amazed by the variety guitar sounds. But to get you started listening my favorite songs are “Desert Surf Blues” and “Bar Room Revelations”, but do listen to all! You will notice that his songs are like a blended whiskey, mixed with all kind of raw alternative ingredients.

On youtube you will find some cool videos on Jonivan Jones’ music. Check them out her below or on his Youtube Channel! Listen and follow for more music on Facebook and Bandcamp.


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