Full-lenght debutalbum “The Devil” by Indy

Australian Folk and Blues by slide guitarist Indy

Folkblues singer-songwriter Indy from Australia recently released his full-length debut album ‘The Devil’ on Bandcamp. This record features Indy’s unique, driving slide-guitar, powerful vocals and dark undertones, all creating a wild-west style soundtrack. 

I like the use of the bottleneck on Indy’s album. A Blues song played on a guitar with a slide or a bottleneck creates one of the finest blues grooves around. Elmore James and Hound Dog Taylor sho’ knew how to play that kind of songs. Indy built his riffs and composition around the bottleneck in almost every song.

Indy writes meaningfull lyrics that embody the blues feeling. In it’s own way it could remind you of the diaspore of delta. The scream for a better life.

C’Mon Let’s Ride – Lyrics

My baby
So black
She hang me up
For my stack
Black coffee
No cigar
Black nails
In my heart

Learn more about Indy on the Bandcamp page.

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