The Ugly Valley Boys new album Iron Mine

New and Second Album By The Ugly Valley Boys “Iron Mine”

After seven years the Ugly Valley Boys released a brand new and their second album called “Iron Mine”

Americana and Country in “Hellmaker”

Hellmaker is Americana and Country song. In the lyrics and lead guitar, you’ll find beautiful melodies and hypnotizing grooves.  In Hellmaker they achieved to tell a story without a need to listen to the lyrics closely.  It may also remind you of the later work of the country work of Mark Knopfler.


The Ugly Valley Boys – ” Simple Life”

“Simple Life”  remind me in the same folk and County style more of the work of the Highwayman, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. The talent of writing in the storytelling style is really fucking unique about the Ugly Valley Boys.

Debut Album Double Down

On Their Website, they tell us about their debut album, Double Down, that it: “makes no apologies for its surly demeanor. Classic style meets fresh energy in a collection of songs as spry as they are wry, with a voice that’s honest and introspective, yet welcoming to all who venture to lend an ear. Pull up a seat by the fire, take a golden swig, and listen to tales from a band of dusty strangers sure to become old friends.”

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One thought on “New and Second Album By The Ugly Valley Boys “Iron Mine””

  1. Cant tell if it”s americana, folk, traditional country, or the mix of three, but I”m starting to question why this kind of music gets ignored by “country media. Such beautiful music, speaks to your soul. I mean, yeah country-pop is cool, but they lack the soul this kind of music has. Like 6+

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