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Album | Okey Dokey by Natural Child full of Southern Rock ‘n’ Roll and Country

Hailin’from the capital of Country, Nashville, Tennessee the boys from Natural Child released their latest album Okey Dokey in september of 2016. The album title might sound like an ode to Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown’s song “Okie Dokie Stomp”, but there is no proof for that. What we do know is that Okey Dokey brings some  fine Southern Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Natural Child Influences from the 70s

Natural Child might refer more to Clarence Gatemouth Brown than you think. Both musicians did not make Blues but are clearly influences by roots and Blues. Like Gatemouth said: ‘I play American music Texas style’. This trio Does the same thinf and you will hear that in Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll songs like ‘B$g P$mpin’, but you will also find folk Blues songs like ‘NSA Blues’ in their repertoire.

Country and Blues on Okey Dokey

On Okey Dokey Natural Child brings more  Country, Roots and Rock songs 70s style. Think of artist like the Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, The Faces and the Rolling Stones on their Exile On Main Street album to get a taste of the Okey Dokey sound. In comparison to their other blues oriented record Hard On Heaven from 2012, Okey Dokey is more flok country oriented.

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So the last few weeks I really enjoyed listening to Natural Child. Their laid back Country, Folk, Southern Rock and Blues is mixed into a vintage seventies long drink. I also appreciate that they started recording after just a few months since their first band practice.

But d if you can dig, dig. If you can’t – well shit, there’s a lot of music out!

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