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Blend of Country and Funk infused Blues on NEW The Texas Gentlemen album TX Jelly

The bluesy sound in  “Habbie Doobie” and “Pain” reminds you of two of the three kings in blues. Albert King and Freddie King would probably like these tracks as the show groove, funk, and soul in a blended mix of Southern Rock. We’re talking about The Texas Gentlemen who released their debut Studio album TX Jelly this September via New West Records.

‘A band Slowly Coming Together’

The band describes this record nicely “Sometimes, authenticity can sneak up on you. The first sounds you hear on The Texas Gentlemen’s debut studio album, TX Jelly, is that of a band slowly coming together.”

“Habbie Doobie” Blues and Funk inspiration

“Habbie Doobie” is remarkable for its grooving guitar riff, which reminds you of Albert King’s “Born Under a Bad Sign”. Also, the Honky Tonk Piano additions in this track make you very happy. On their website you’ll read that it is “a low-slung piece of vintage country-funk that slams out of the speakers and announces the Texas Gentlemen as a force to be reckoned with”, I couldn’t agree more!

Southern Rock in “Pain”

“Pain” is a true Southern style rock song. Especially the rhythm changes create an attractive groove. The lyrics which run in an up-tempo rhythm make this song very catchy, at a certain point vocals are everywhere. Overall the tunes in “Pain” have, like “Habbie Doobie” a happy feel because, and that is mostly because of the vocals, rhythm and piano.

Lone Star-bred collective

This Lone Star-bred collective takes its cues from some of the iconic acts of the past — the quicksilver brilliance of The Wrecking Crew and Bob Dylan’s one-time backers The Band are the most obvious examples. Bedford, who shares chief engineering and producing responsibilities at Dallas’ Modern Electric Sound Recorders, assembled The Texas Gentlemen as an all-purpose backing band for an eclectic array of singer-songwriters, including Leon Bridges, Nikki Lane, Jonathan Tyler and Paul Cauthen.


Debut-album TX Jelly

That deft fusion of before and right now is possible thanks to the musicians’ unswerving dedication to simply playing to the best of their abilities, trusting their instincts, and letting the music guide them. Case in point: TX Jelly was created in less than a week — four days, start to finish — at Muscle Shoals’ singular FAME Studios.

The Texas Gentlemen // Photo credit Joseph Llanes
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