Cedric Burnside Project Latest album “Cedendants of Hill Country”

Cedric Burnside Project Latest album “Cedendants of Hill Country”

Born and raised around Holy Springs in Nothern Mississippi Cedric Burnside was brought up with the blues. With no radio or TV, but with a grandfather who played blues on the porch of his house Cedric Burnside became inspired by the music we all like.  

As his name suggests Cedric, is the grandson of Blues legend R.L Burnside. and like his grandpa he makes some fine Hill Country Blues. Under the name The Cedric Burnside Project he released three albums. His latest Album ” Cedendants of Hill Country” was brought in stores in February 26, 2015 and contains thirteen excellent electric blues songs.

Song after song “Cedendants of Hill Country” is a very rhythmic blues album full of steady guitar riffs. But above all it is a pleasure listening to the voice of Cedric Burnside.

Rhythmic Blues Drummer

Cedric Burnside is an excellent drummer, highly rhythmic with strong hip-hop and funk influences. On the other hand his music is recognisable for the old blues fan, more funk, more groove and more killer blues guitar riffs like you know from old R.L. Burnside. To compare the two you could say ‘If R.L Burnside was a 1960 Cadillac Coupe deVille, Cedric brings you home in an  Escalade’, both top of the class.

Killer songs: Down in the Delta

Listen to songs like “Down In The Delta” y’all will like this killer guitar riff. “Tell Me What I’m Gonna Do” is a song which is more comparable to R.L. Burnside’s work. I also like the vocals in “Going Away Baby”, they drift perfectly along the music. The guitar grooves on a steady riff and the drum is like a moving train reaching home.

His inspiration come logically from “Big Daddy”, but Cedric tells: “I write about my life, my kids, and everyday things. I try to stick to the truth,” “My granddad used to play out on the porch, and we’d have house parties every weekend. Johnny Woods would come over and blow harmonica, and he’d drink two or three gallons of corn liquor. We just stomped up dirt.”

Black Snake Moan’

In 2006 he was featured in Craig Brewer’s critically acclaimed feature film Black Snake Moan, playing drums alongside Samuel L. Jackson. (The film is a tribute to R.L. Burnside, and gives many nods to the late bluesman.) (cedricburnside.net)

WXPN’s Mississippi Blues Project – Cedric Burnside Project from WXPN FM on Vimeo.

The Cedric Burnside Project

After years performing with numerous artist like John Spencer, Junior Kimborough and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears Cedric Burnside started collaborating with his younger brother, Cody Burnside, and his uncle, Garry Burnside, to create The Cedric Burnside Project in 2010. They created a new genre of music by infusing Mississippi Hill Country Blues, Funk, R&B and Soul that will keep your foot stomping all night long. The Cedric Burnside Project has brought new life and energy to the blues, it’s no wonder why it’s loved by fans around the world. (cedricburnside.net)

Following the untimely and tragic death of his brother Cody, Cedric has kept the flame burning, recording and touring the world with guitarist and lifelong friend Trenton Ayers.

Black Snake Moan Blues

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