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INTERVIEW | David Robinson about ‘The Cold Heart Revue’s new album “Renegade Heart”

Hard driving Guitar solos are all over the place and their thriving vocals and harmonica melodies complement the sound of The Cold Heart Revue perfectly. This band knows how to bring Rock ‘n Roll, Blues and Guitar Rock out a stage. They already had a chart-topping Number #1 hit on the iTunes Blues Single Chart with “You’re A Picture on a Wall” and now they released their second EP “Renegade Heart”.

Like many other notable British Blues musicians, David Robinson of the Cold Heart Revue stands out in bad ass guitar solos and blues rocking arrangements. Their newest EP “Renegade Heart” is a shout out for the revival of hard blues rock and that is what we are waiting for!

4 Piece Blues Band The Cold Heart Revue

The Cold Heart Revue
The Cold Heart Revue

David Robinson ( Vocals/Lead Electric Guitar/Lead Slide ) started performing as a solo acoustic blues artist under the name ‘The Cold Heart Revue‘ in 2014. Struck by the authenticity of blues music when performed he recorded his first EP as a solo artist and decided to recruit a full band to perform on the follow-up ‘Renegade Heart’, earlier this year. ‘The Cold Heart Revue’ became a 4 piece band in2017.

Interview about The New Cold Heart Revue EP “Renegade Heart”

Curious about the recording process, the band and the blues scene in England I spoke with Frontman David Robinson about the upcoming The Cold Heart Revue Album “Renegade Heart.

BBB: “All songs on the EP contain arrangements with additions that make the music powerful. For example, The harmonica additions in “American Rain” also the Backing vocals in “Tattoo Girl”, are very appealing. Can you tell something about the recording process? And did you gather some guest musicians?”

David:”Thank you for your encouragement. I am a regular reader of your blog and I am happy to be featured in this article.” “The harmonica on ‘American Rain’ came from a need to add extra heaviness to the sound. The harmonica is a great instrument that ties hard rock to the blues and does give the song a kick. The backing vocals on ‘Tattoo Girl’ came from simple joyful exuberance and they were enjoyable to do. It also helps to differentiate the verses and the choruses. The core of each song was recorded live – the drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and lead guitar was recorded with the amplifiers in separate rooms and mic’d up. I then added the vocals, piano, Hammond organ and harmonica.”

BBB: “Like Chicago blues musicians, The Cold Heart Revue makes a trademark of soloing throughout a song?

David: The big reason for my attraction to blues music is the nature of the lead guitarist. I was directly inspired by the work of Hubert Sumlin and the way he created a great context with his lead playing for Howlin Wolf to sing to.

“I believe that blues-rock can become a dominant force in the 21st century becomes it can be dynamic and formidable on stage. Blues recordings are being showcased heavily in films and television dramas because it creates an honest and human mood.”

BBB: How did these solos become part of the arrangements, and are these blues guys of the past the inspiration for the band?

David: “When I made ‘Renegade Heart’ I wanted to produce a guitar sound that featured the type of playing I had always been drawn to. I played through an original Marshall JCM800 Amplifier from the 1960s and the lead sound was influenced Eric Clapton’s Cream tone where he rolled off the tone and produced a mid-heavy effect. By utilizing solos throughout the songs, it added variety as a counterpoint to the main vocal melodies and gave me an opportunity to showcase more lead guitar work.”

BBB: “What song is your personal favorite, and with what reason?”

The Cold Heart Revue
The Cold Heart Revue

David: ‘Tattoo Girl’ has the best lyrics I have written. There are five verses and they came quickly carrying a clear character and attitude throughout. I have always been a fan of songs with a strong opening phrase that sets the scene for the action to unfold in. In ‘Tattoo Girl’, my opening line is ‘the rain came one Sunday afternoon, the initial warning signals were there to be reviewed’ and from that start the tale of an adolescent getting their first tattoo transpires. I also find that the more content I am with the lyric of a song the easier I find it to render it with confidence on stage.

‘Hope And Magazines’ I believe might tap into a broader universal truth. There are countless people trapped in unfulfilling relationships and occupations bereft of positive communication with the rest of the world. I wanted to pose the question of what might take place in a freeing moment of abandonment and the small-scale joy that might generate. It might not alter the reality of your circumstances in a lasting fashion but it could potential offer some respite.

It was the final song I composed for ‘Renegade Heart’ and I really had been striving for a huge opening guitar riff. I wanted the guitar line to be something people could chant and to fit the scale of the topic I was trying to address. The electric lead guitar solo captures the mental confusion of expression from the excitement of release to surveying what you have just done.

BBB: “Can you tell something about the Music scene for Blues Rock musicians in the UK? And is easy to get a gig?”

David: The music industry is centered around live concert and festival performances. I believe that blues-rock can become a dominant force in the 21st century becomes it can be dynamic and formidable on stage. Blues recordings are being showcased heavily in films and television dramas because it creates an honest and human mood. Thankfully, the BBC Radio has a place for this genre of music and it is my hope that airplay will increase. ‘The Cold Heart Revue’ has been fortunate to perform on festival bills with huge blues-rock bands and have supported Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack at their 40th Anniversary Concert, Nine Below Zero and are about to do a national UK tour with Dr. Feelgood.

BBB: I’ve read that you supported Madness at a football match. Can you tell something about that performance?

David: “I supported Madness at Portsmouth Football Stadium in front of a capacity crowd of 13,500 people. I became the first musician of the 21st Century to perform there. It was a huge special event for myself and the other people of Portsmouth. Madness is known and respected throughout the world and to perform as their opening act was a massive thrill.

BBB: “Which other memorable performances can you recall?”

David: “I have also performed at Bluesfest at the 02 Arena in London. It was an honor to share the lineup with icons such as Van Morrison, Bad Company, Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Mark Knopfler and Bob Geldof. Each performance is memorable in a way because the circumstances are ever-changing and the variables are so numerous.”

BBB: “What are the plans for the future?

I would like ‘The Cold Heart Revue’ to become the biggest young blues band in the world. The music industry is driven by live concert and festival performances, this leads to a need for blues and rock bands who will work hard to produce a flame-throwing stage show to draw crowds. I would like to give further performances in the UK and tour in the USA and mainland Europe. The guitar is the most important instrument in the world to me and I would like to help to re-introduce a widespread appreciation of it in the twenty-first century.

The Cold Heart Revue
The Cold Heart Revue

BBB: “What music would you recommend everybody?”

I would recommend the readers of Black Bull Blues to listen to every recording by Chuck Berry. He is a unique guitarist but it is his skills as a lyricist which are most remarkable. Bob Dylan described Chuck as ‘the Shakespeare of rock n roll’ and I perceive that to be an accurate assertion. He constructs a series of complicated scenarios and characters on his records. He was a true master of his craft.

I love blues music that is driven by guitars. The guitar is adaptable with regards to tone, tunings, expression and I prefer small groups than larger ensemble. I wanted ‘Renegade Heart’ to mimic the guitar sounds of blues players like Bobby Parker, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy. These guitarists perform in a fashion that is routinely surprising and creative. They prove each time they play their instrument over a blues sequence that there is always more to offer that is fresh and engaging. I also admire blues artists like James Cotton, Pinetop Perkins and Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith who create a mood with each blues they play and seldom repeated themselves.

BBB: There is a very clear blues sound in the music of The Cold Heart Revue but, which other genres inspire you?

My biggest hero is Bob Geldof from The Boomtown Rats. His attitude and stage presence is staggering. As part of The Cold Heart Revue, I have been fortunate to perform at big UK music festivals with huge rock headline bands and he galvanizes a crowd in a peerless fashion. With regards to other genres, I love the early rock n roll records, the ferocity of punk and the English-ness of writers like Marc Bolan and Ray Davies. The guitar has a beautiful visual and auditory cultural significance and I love music that is centered to this dynamic instrument.”

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The Cold Heart Revue is:
David Robinson: Vocals/Lead Electric Guitar/Lead Slide Guitar/Piano/Harmonica/Hammond Organ Dexter Krenal: Electric Rhythm Guitar/Slide Guitar/Backing Vocals Sean Faulkner: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals Andy Sturges: Drums

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