Original 1970s B.B. King performance on the Medicine Ball Caravan

Original 1970s B.B. King performance on the Medicine Ball Caravan

In august 1970 a group of buses and trucks left the San Fransisco area for a cross-country journey. The tour was filmed by a French documentary called Medicine Ball Caravan. Along the trail artists like Alice Cooper and B.B. King flew in to make an appearance on stage. The Oakland Tribune called the trip ‘Woodstock on wheels’.

On the website Ultimate Classic Rock you will find a cool article about the Medicine Ball Caravan festival. But more interesting is the perfomance of B.B. King on this Festival.

“How Blue Can You Get” and ” Just A Little Bit of Love”

On the film made by French Television you see a bunch of trucks and people gathering around a stage and the king of blues performs “How Blue Can You Get” and ” Just A Little Bit of Love”.

Disc jockey Tom Donahue founded the Medicine Ball event. You might know Donahue as a pioneering rock and roll radio disc jockey, record producer and concert promoter.  Donahue worked at a San Fransisco radio station called KYA and later started Autumn Records.

Book Medicine Ball Caravan

According to Ultimate Classic Rock Donahue used his connections with the Bay Area’s counterculture to handpick the tribe of young artists, poets, craftsmen and painters who appear in the film. John Grissim, Jr. accompanied the tour and wrote We Have Come for Your Daughters: What Went Down on the Medicine Ball Caravan. Donahue’s pitch to the Warners execs is documented in the book.

Photo Credit By Heinrich Klaffs [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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