Black Pistol Fire modern energetic Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

Black Pistol Fire modern energetic Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

The Rock ‘n Rollers from Black Pistol Fire are known for their modern rhythmic blues and rock ‘n roll. They are original from Canada but nowadays they howl from Austin Texas. They make songs about the lonely desert bars of the Rocky Mountains. ‘Bout a bank robber travelling through the forgotten cities of this lonely planet, ending up with a hooker and a shotgun in his hand. And above all, about knowing that the man will come around some day for everybody. Like in their 2011 song Soffucation Blues.

Screaming, Energetic Guitar Soundrp_Black-Pistol-Fire-black-bull-blues-photo-by-bigericowen-265x250.jpg

Black Pistol Fire is comparable with the Dead Weather, Stone Foxes, Early Kings of Leon, and ReignWolf. Guys who play rock with a blues feeling and a southern sound, partly Rock ´n Roll, and always with a screaming guitar. They listened good to the old dogs and Black Pistol Fire showed their admiration to one of the dogs: Little Richard on their 5 song EP “Shut-Up”, which was released in May 2012. They put it online on their Soundcloud, listen to it here:

Texas Blues Man

Their screaming guitar of Black Pistol Fire, reminds me of Johnny Winter, and thinking about that, Winter may have been a big source of inspiration for the rocking duo from Canada. It is the combination of song with a rock n roll aggression and a bluesy sound. Now they howl from Texas the place that has always been the home of great guitarist like Winter, Freddie King and Stevie Ray Vaughen, Black Pistol Fire will turn out fine.

Hush or Howl Black Pistol Fire

The duo gets more and more airplay on the radio. They already played on radio station like KEXP, KCRW, KUT and KDHX. On April 1st they released their latest album “Hush or Howl”. You can already listen to it on Spotify. When they performed at the SXSW Festival in Austen they were called “the most energetic ans musically cersatile of all the bands playing the festival”.

Keep following these guys and enjoy the blues.

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