CW AYON - Setting Son

CW Ayon one man Band Blues from New Mexico

CW Ayon one man Band Blues from New Mexico

CW Ayon is a blues musician you should see in the pub, with his one man band act Ayon brings true Delta Blues to your local juke joint. Like Ben Prestage and Mississippi Gabe Carter, Ayon is an ex excellent slide guitar player supported by steady drums. That combination make his songs easy to listen to, groovy and the ideal travel music. Over the last few years Ayon released every year an album some of the song are available to listen to. Invite CW Ayon to your local bar and enjoy the song of this New Mexico bluesman.

CW Ayon, New Mexico Blues Man

CW Ayon calls the Southwestern deserts of New Mexico his home, but his soul is deeply rooted in the blues an grooves of the Mississippi Hill country. His act contains a simple Kick, Snare and Tambourine setup which ensures his performance of solid beats. This basis is added with Delta Style acoustic or resonator guitar sound and sometimes with a bit of harmonica.

Slide Guitar style of Delta Blues

Ayon who won the New Mexico music award for Best Blues twice learned to play guitar from his wife Carol. Nowadays Ayon is a great guitarist with a feeling for the slide-style blues guitar. Listen to his “Setting Son” to get an example.

In “Got Ya Baby” you will hear folk blues song on the acoustic guitar. This song is remarkable for the relax singing. The same groove you will hear in “Knock The Rust Off.

More raw songs of CW like “Walkin’”, and the blues traditional “Roll and Tumblin’” are released on Aint no Use in Moving. In “Cold Day in Hell” you hear some influence that reminds you of R.L. Burnside.

Six years of playing Blues

Over the last six years CW Ayon travelled around the Midwest to play the blues. He recalls: “I’ve been pretty fortunate in having steady gigs”. Some of his songs became true crowd favourites like “You Are My Sunshine”, Well Well Well, and mostly “Rita”

Find More About CW Ayon on his Website.

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