Philly Hip Hop inspired Blues: G. Love & Special Sauce

Philly Hip Hop inspired Blues: G. Love & Special Sauce

G. Love & Special Sauce bring blues on an alternative hip hop beat. This band from Philadelphia really knows how to take the blues sound a little further. In my favorite song “Sweet Sugar Mama” you will get a taste of it! G. Love & Special Sauce show how the blues has influenced music in every decade.

Sweet Sugar Mama

In Hill Country and Chicago Blues songs I always admire the groove of the drum beat because these drummers  often use crazy rhythms.  Also on albums recorded for the Cadet Concept Label the drum surpasses the standard drumbeat.

Well, that is the kind of groove you’ll find in the  hip hop inspired blues of G. Love. “Sweet Sugar Mama” mixes blues harmonica with hip hop beats and on top it adds laid back vocal part. It is a easy trademark for some, but therefor G. Love created an unique sound.

The tradition of the hip-hop blues has always been to rip open the heart and bare the soul. Tell the listener what they want to hear and you’ll have a fair weather friend; tell them the way it is and you’ll have true love.

8 Studio Albums since 1993

This trio started in 1993 when the met in a Boston Bar and has since 8 studio albums. G. Love and Special Sauce features Garrett Dutton, better known as G. Love, Jeffrey Clemens on drums, and Jim Prescott on bass.

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