Cadet Concept Electric Blues music

Just as Phil and Leonard Chess were selling its parent Chess Records to GRT Corporation in 1969, the decision was made to phase out Cadet Concept and its final release was in 1971.

Cadet Concept Electric Blues music

I listen a lot to the albums produced on the Cadet Concept electric blues label of Marshall

Marshall_Chess Cadet Concept photo Jamar Chess
Marshall_Chess Cadet Concept photo Jamar Chess

Chess. The psychedelic Blues label produced some awesome records by Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Bo Diddley. The blues is more Funky groovy and I think the albums recorded on this label are still an inspiration for musicians now.

Cadet Concept an Inspiration

If you listen to bands like The Black Keys and The Dead Weather you can see the similarity with the Cadet Concept Blues label. music. Not only Rock or Psychedelic musicians got inspired by the Cadet label. Chuck D of Public Enemy made a fantastic documentary together with Marschall Chess about the Electric Mud Album, and for him it was that album that, that beat, that groove that made the hip hop sound. They repreduced the album with local Chicago musicians, and the result was great.

Another Dimension and Electric Mud

Listen to the versions of Mannish Boy, She’s Alright and Hoochie Coochie Man on this album. If you like it check the Album Another Dimension by Bo Diddley, especially Bad Moon Rising is one of my favorites.

Cadet Concept Blues: Tell Mama, Etta James

Etta James recorded also some fantastic songs on Cadet Concept Record. For Example the fantastic “Tell Mama”

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