Classic Albums: Muddy Waters Sings Big Bill Broonzy

Classic Albums: Muddy Waters Sings Big Bill Broonzy

One of the leading figures in the post war Chicago Blues scene is Muddy Waters. Alongside Howlin’ Wolf and Little Walter, Muddy was a big man of the Blues. His music needs no introduction and his influence is still visible today. But this master once showed his respect to another Chicago Bluesman. It was in In 1960, when Muddy Waters recorded an album as a tribute to Big Bill Broonzy ‘Muddy Waters sings Big Bill’.  

Big Bill Broonzy died two years earlier, but Muddy could be sure of Broonzy’s approval All Music writes: “Oh yeah, Muddy is a real singer for the Blues,” Big Bill, the Mississippi foundation stone, was heard to say early on in Muddy Waters’ career. The confident Muddy – who was already one of the kings of the blues – changed Big Bill’s repertoire into a Muddy Waters cocktail.

The unique style Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters sings Big Bill  is what we miss in today’s music, the tight and grooving band music. With all the instrumentalist in Muddy’s band you hear a blend of honky tonk piano, howlin’ harmonica sounds and funking bass and drum beats. His preachin’ voice has no trouble reaching over the instrumental violence.

Songs on Muddy sings Big Bill Broonzy

‘Double Trouble’ shows how a piano player and a harpist can show how blues can groove a man away , Just a Dream  and Southbound Train’ will be perfect to listen to on a walk through town. the relax vibe you get out of this songs is special.

I wonder why that southbound train don’t run,
Lord, you don’t need no tellin’, little girl, you know what you’ve done.
You made me love you, now, your man done come,

Muddy Waters Backing band

In 1959 Muddy Waters released a Best Of compilation on the Chess label. in 1960 Muddy released the legendary album at the Newport Folk Festival.  After two great albums Muddy set down his own Broonzy songs. But this album became my favorite because of Muddy’s backing band which includes Otis Spann, James Cotton and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith.

photo credit: Muddy Waters 1979 via photopin (license)

Muddy Waters – Double Trouble

Muddy Waters – When I Get To Thinking

Muddy Waters – I Done Got Wise Sings

Muddy Waters Just A Dream (On My Mind)

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