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New Orleans boogie and Blues piano by The Swinging Dice

Hailin’ from France The Swinging Dice deliver a repertoire of  New Orleans Blues, Rhythm and Blues up to Rock ‘n’ Roll.  They bring many songs written themselves, plus rearranged standards from the likes of Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, Sam Butera, Dave Bartholomew, Merrill Moore, Nat King Cole.

Debut album the Swinging Dice

Back in 2015, the band released their self-titled debut album “The Swinging Dice”.  My personal favorite is “Treat me Mellow”, a song that stands out for its merengue groove, catchy melodies and New Orleans inspired piano tunes.  You can hear the unmistakable Rhythm & Blues riffs of New Orleans and the Blues Shouters, Boogie-Woogie, Jive, and even Swing from the Big Band Era or Western groups.

The Swinging Dice – Hey Hey

“Hey Hey”  opening song  The Swinging Dice

“Hey Hey ” is a well-written blues song, From the steady opening riff to the boogie in explodes into. This isn’t a cover of the Big Bill Broonzy’s hit he released for Vogue Records . Nevertheless, it is always good to listen to this classic blues track!

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Big Bill Broonzy – Hey Hey

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