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Tommy Ridgley’s New Orleans Rhythm and Blues Classic ” In The Same Old Way”

They call him a Master of Rhythm and  Blues and one of the great enduring artists in New Orleans. With more than 70 recordings since 1949, Tommy Ridgley can carry this honor with pride. I Really dig his hit from 1969 ” In the Same Old Way”. Listen to it up here! 

Tommy Ridgley – My Love Gets Stronger

From Church choir to Rhythm and Blues

On his personal website, we read that “TOMMY RIDGLEY’S roots, like so many other Rhythm & Blues artists, started in the church choir”.  “At age 17, he joined the Navy. During this time he developed an interest in learning to play the piano. In 1946, after World War II, he returned to New Orleans and studied music.


Tommy Ridgley – I’ve Heard That Story Before

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