Bottleneck Jay One Man Band Blues Punk

New album Animal by one man band Bottleneck Jay from Montreal

The opening song of this one-man band musician really reminded me of traditional delta bluesmen like Mississippi John Hurt and the reverend  Blind Gary Davis. Most of all because of the melodies you hear between the rhythm guitar parts. That old time blues guitar is mixed with a punk-garage sounds and echoing vocals. Bottleneck Jay brings blues from a fresh angle. 

Opening song “Caravane” Bottleneck Jay

“Caravane”, the opening song is a perfect example how he mixes traditional blues with other genres.  Bottleneck Jay’s new album Animal is just out and was released February 2017 via Blacklez Records.

Bottleneck Jay Album Design by Arnopeople

The album is design by Arnopeople and contains a cool mix of skateboarding and Rock ‘n’ Roll symbolics. Check out more interesting band and brand design on his website here. Photo credit to: Bottleneck Jay (bandcamp photo) and the original photographer.

Bottleneck Jay (One Man Band) – Desert Rock / Feeling Free

Bottleneck Jay – Limoilou / Fire

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