New Album The Bad Testament from one man band Scott H. Biram

He shares his birthday with blues legend Muddy Waters and is known for his outstanding one man band performances Scott H. Biram brings us Country and Blues inspired songs with a taste of the heavier genres. 

On his website you’ll read that Scott H. Biram makes music: “With the heart of a genuine Texas bluesman, the head (banging) of a Zappa and Lemmy disciple, and boots resting in the dust outside of town at sunrise”. This february 2017 he released his latest and sixth album for Bloodshot records called The Bad Testament. It contains thirteen new tracks and I can really recommand it!

A walk on the Biram side straddles the chasm between sin and redemption and The Bad Testament lands somewhere west of the Old Testament and south of an AA handbook. It’s a record of hard-grinding lost love, blues and deep, dark Americana.

scot h biram press photo by -sandy-carson
Scott H Biram photo by -sandy-carson

Interesting about the writing proces of his new album is that Scott H. Biram conjured the words and music for The Bad Testament during mad alchemical sessions at his homemade studio in Austin, TX. Through stacks of amps, spools of cable, and a prodigious collection of microphones, he spread his technical wings wide, while never losing the immediacy honed from a life on the road. He added a drum kit and rustic vocal duet to his skill set .

Clear vocals and creative arrangements

Scott H. Biram’s music is like a blended wiskey that doesn’t fit in one barrel. The mix of blues harmonica and guitar riffs are beautifully complemented with clear country and folk lyrics. This one man band musician has one of the clearest voices today if you ask me. And it doesn’t matter if you listen live or on a record.  “Long Old Time” is a good example of that.


One man band Musician

If you listen to Scott H. Biram you wouldn’t expect this is a one man band musician. It might be difficult to bring creative rhythms and obvious to fall back into “standard” arrangements. Well, you don’t have to worry about these traps in SHB’ music. It seems that every beat and every note is thought through and results in an album that grooves on and on.

Explanatory to his new album you should listen to “Set Me Free” and “Red Wine”, songs were you’ll hear the wandering country soul of Jimmie Rodgers and the laid-back cool of Merle Haggard. It rides with SHB’s distorted punk; “it’s the 2-sided jukebox hit at the honky-tonk behind the looking glass of CBGB’s.

New Album The Bad Testament Scott H. Biram

Scott H. Biram is a multi instrumentalist that feels at home in multiple genres from blues to country and from punk to metal. Biram who was born in Texas was a member of punk band The Thangs and two bluegrass bands called Scott Biram & the Salt Peter Boys and Bluegrass Drive-By.

In his music you’ll find  acoustic guitar country blues which is “updated and self-aware – a profane reboot of personal heroes Leadbelly and Mississippi Fred McDowell.  In his biography you’ll read that “Scott H Biram is THE one-man band. The master of the realm. Why? Because even though he’s one man, he ain’t one thing”.

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