Molly Gene One Whoaman Band - photo by Amdo photo

Rawest Blues girl around Molly Gene One Whoaman Band

She is pure Rock ‘n’ Roll and maybe the Rawest Blues girl around. Molly Gene One Whoaman Band is as energetic as lightning and above all fine hill country blues rock. She has been performing solo for the last seven years or so, recording and issuing albums (five to date), and organizing endless tours that eventually got her noticed in Europe.

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band: Screams and Hot Rod drives

In Molly Gene One Whoaman Band’s music, you’ll find powerful guitar riffs,  screams and a natural urge to drive a hot rod through the countryside.

“Turkey Trailer Fram”

When “Turkey Trailer Farm” kicks off your hooked. The rhythmic vocals about “trying to make a living on your Turkey Trailer Farm”. This song is built very well, vocals and guitar complement each other very fine.

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band – Waitin

Rawest Blues girl around Molly Gene One Whoaman Band

Waitin’ is a straightforward song with a badass Hill Country riff preaching vocals and addictive harmonica tunes. The video is also enjoyable.  Molly Gene waiting’ for her baby and we all know it is gonna be a fight. Later she sits -like a boss- in the back of her pick up truck playing bad ass blues.

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“Her sound is a raucous, bluesy map of her journey so far”

Photo credit: by Amdo Photo

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