Hot Nasho one man band Screen from Pretty sinner baby video - directed by Andrés Mata

Swinging the Blues with one man band “Hot Nasho and the Himself Orchestra

He Hails from southern Spain and calls himself Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra. This one man band blues brother recovers songs of old bluesmen and other tunes from the 20´s to 60´s  in the blues, ragtime, swing and Rock n Roll genre.  This music swings, grooves and is a pleasure to listen to! 

One man band the “Himself Orchestra”

You might have heard Hot Nasho with his main project as “one man band” (Hot Nasho and himself orchestra). As a one man band, he has recorded two self-produced album. The debut album, “All packed to go”, appeared in 2012, and three years later published the second one, “Right from wrong”.

Daredevil love — Hot Nasho and himself orchestra

New Album Hot Nasho “Lain Down Thinking”

Now, you can find his third album “Lain down thinking” which includes only his original compositions. This album contains a mix of instrumental songs like “Winding Road” and lyrically groove songs like “Daredevil Love”.

Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra – Pretty Sinner Baby

Variety of rhythms Hot Nasho

I have to admit that Hot Nasho is a fantastic musician. The guitar riffs are well played, between the lyrics you’ll often find interludes of the kazoo. Overall the music contains some variety of rhythms. This makes the music interesting.

Early interest in Music

Hot Nasho was born Jose Ignacio Mena in Ronda, Málaga in 1980, In his bio you’ll read that he “developed an early interest in music. Starting with Rock style, later discovered the Blues and other American roots music and he spent several years in bands as a bass player (“Flying Donkey”, “Hot Gamblers”, “Moochers Trio”) with whom recorded albums and participated in some festivals around Spain”.

My soul told me
I´m free
we are as long
as the universe can be

Pray my blues
for she to rise
her dance is flow
through tunes I cry

Blues and Swing Singer-songwriter

These days “Hot Nasho” has his own project where, incorporating elements of Blues, Swing, Ragtime and Rock n´Roll, makes his own vision of the early styles as a singer-songwriter.  He is a well-known Street Musician in Marbella, Málaga.from years ago and he is touring around Spain, U.K. and Portugal performing his show in clubs and festivals.

Read and listen more Hot Nasho music here!

Hot Nasho – At Dawn (when the sun goes up)

Winding road — Hot Nasho and himself orchestra

Photo Credit: Hot Nasho one man band Screen from Pretty sinner baby video – directed by Andrés Mata

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