Reignwolf Blues and Soulful Howlin´

Photo by Scott Penner Reignwolf – Coachella 2013, Creative Commons
Photo by Scott Penner Reignwolf – Coachella 2013, Creative Commons

Reignwolf Blues and Soulful Howlin´

The ingredients for a good Rock n Roll show are simple: a howlin’ voice, a screaming guitar, a steady beat, a crowd of crazy people and the finest liquor around. It was back in the day of the Chitlin´ Circuit the way to do it, and it is now. Reign Wolf aka Jordan Cook is a man that knows how to give a show like that. He recently released his album In The Dark in December.

In The Dark

reignwolf-logo-blackIn The Dark is a combination of Hardrock, Blues and Jimi Hendrix Guitar. On his website he explains it all for us: F*ckin’ REIGNWOLF is invading the streets unleashing throaty soulful howls, bleeding guitars plugged into smokey half stacks, and stomping on a vintage Ludwig bass drum. Thank you Reignwolf.

Reignwolf and the Reign man

It has been a while since I heard a band sound like Reignwolf. It is the Jimi Hendrix guitar, the Psychedelic Chicago Bluesbreak and the deep drums mixed into a whiskey from Seattle. Besides The Reign man , NBA legend Shawn Kemp, we can conclude that Reignwolf is the other dominant and powerful man in the Northwest.

Reignwolf live music

Reignwolf performed at many festivals this year, but I think his act also fits fine in a small pub. The smaller gigs where you got little space to tear down the venue. Listening to the music of Reignwolf, you know you´re gonna have a good time.

John Lee Hooker a Lifelong Bluesman

John Lee Hooker a Life Long Bluesman

John_Lee_Hooker_Massey Hall, Toronto, Aug. 20, 1978 Photo by Jean-Luc Ourlin
Photo by Jean-Luc Ourlin

John Lee Hooker was born on 22 augustus 1917 in Clarksdale Mississippi. In his early teens John Lee moved to Memphis, to start working several jobs. Before John Lee could make money by playing guitar and sing he had several jobs. In Cincinnati he was a janitor. When he moved to Detroit in 1943 he worked for General Motors Ford and some other factories or plants. At the end of the 40s John Lee Hooker made his mark as a musician.

Hooker and Canned Heat
Hooker is maybe the greatest bluesman of all time, a lifelong bluesman, John Lee played the blues over fifty years producing many records. He recorded with several artist like Van Morisson, Canned Heat with whom he recorded Hooker ‘n Heat and Live at the Fox Venice Theatre. During the seventies and eighties he performed with Robert Cray, The Blues Brothers and Carlos Santana. Continue reading John Lee Hooker a Lifelong Bluesman

Bo Diddley between Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

Bo Diddley between Blues and Rock ‘n Roll

Othas Ellas Bates or better known as Bo Diddley was born in McComb, Mississippi in 1928. Some may know him for his unique beat from the song “Bo Diddley”, Some know him for his rectangular guitar. Other may know him as the man that shaped Rock ‘n Roll. Inspired by the Chicago Blues and Rock ‘n Roll, singing in the style of gospel with an African-Cuban rhythm style. We all know Bo Diddley.

Bo Diddley Guitar music

BoDiddley1997 Photo Masahiro Sumori
BoDiddley1997 Photo Masahiro Sumori

Diddley grew up on the south side of Chicago where he played music in the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Bo started playing violin in the Baptist church. When Bo turned twelve he started playing guitar inspired by musicians as John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. Diddley would become a Blues and Rock ‘n Roll legends as a guitarist and a singer. One of the few that collaborated with musicians in many differtent genres.

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Big Joe Turner the Singing Blues Bartender

Big Joe Turner the Singing  Blues Bartender

Joe Turner was born in Kansas City in 1911. Big Joe started as the  singing Blues bartender at the Hole in The Wall at Independence Avenue in Kansa City. Later on he worked at the Sunset for owner Piney Brown. At that time Big Joe made money as a singing-bartender, but Turner became a sensation when he met Pete Johnson. Continue reading Big Joe Turner the Singing Blues Bartender