Full of darkness, smoke and whiskey Protopunk-Blues of The Jake Wood

Full of darkness, smoke and whiskey Protopunk-Blues of The Jake Wood

Pack your bags and move fast for the next flight to Russia cause in a couple of days you will be able to see the  siberian garage-protopunk-blues of Russian band The Jake Wood. This trio is mostly famous by their powerfull and unpredictable live performances. The Jake Wood is a synonymous for rough, full of darkness, smoke and whiskey.

Hailing from Russia since 2011

The Jake Wood brings rhythmic mechanical beats, bluesy guitar riffs and straight forward lyrics. Since their formation in 2011 they released several recordings including two LP’s. “Jake Wood” their first LP recorded in Tomsk was released in December 2012. This album contains songs like “One More New Pleasure”, which is a slow swamp blues kind of song with here and there some psychedelic influences.

Second LP the Jake Wood – DEUS

The second LP Deus was released 2014 October. Song like “Back tonight” start with a blues feeling groove. Especially the guitar riff brings that rhytmic blues feeling I like. Later this song turns into the protopunk trademark style of The Jake Wood. You hear this through everything, including the wildromance vocals.

Conquering stages around the world

Over the years this trio conquered stages around the world including The International Film Festival Rotterdam, Cinema for peace (Berlin) and the most popular festivals of Russia. Also, The Jack Wood have collaborated with famous musicians like Richard Hell, Lenny Kaye, Mark Ribot, Nick Zinner, Pussy Riot and Le Tigre in New York.

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Photo Credit: Cover picture The Jake Wood Facebook, credits to the original photographer and  the Jake Wood

The Jake Wood – Lustful Wolf

The Jake Wood – One More New Pleasur

The Jake Wood – Black Tonight

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