Reignwolf Blues and Soulful Howlin´

Photo by Scott Penner Reignwolf – Coachella 2013, Creative Commons
Photo by Scott Penner Reignwolf – Coachella 2013, Creative Commons

Reignwolf Blues and Soulful Howlin´

The ingredients for a good Rock n Roll show are simple: a howlin’ voice, a screaming guitar, a steady beat, a crowd of crazy people and the finest liquor around. It was back in the day of the Chitlin´ Circuit the way to do it, and it is now. Reign Wolf aka Jordan Cook is a man that knows how to give a show like that. He recently released his album In The Dark in December.

In The Dark

reignwolf-logo-blackIn The Dark is a combination of Hardrock, Blues and Jimi Hendrix Guitar. On his website he explains it all for us: F*ckin’ REIGNWOLF is invading the streets unleashing throaty soulful howls, bleeding guitars plugged into smokey half stacks, and stomping on a vintage Ludwig bass drum. Thank you Reignwolf.

Reignwolf and the Reign man

It has been a while since I heard a band sound like Reignwolf. It is the Jimi Hendrix guitar, the Psychedelic Chicago Bluesbreak and the deep drums mixed into a whiskey from Seattle. Besides The Reign man , NBA legend Shawn Kemp, we can conclude that Reignwolf is the other dominant and powerful man in the Northwest.

Reignwolf live music

Reignwolf performed at many festivals this year, but I think his act also fits fine in a small pub. The smaller gigs where you got little space to tear down the venue. Listening to the music of Reignwolf, you know you´re gonna have a good time.

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