Remixed Blues and Rock n Roll songs: Little Richard Rip it Up by JPOD

DJ, Producer, and Remixer JPOD is the best when it comes to turning old-school Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Soul songs into a new flavoured Remixed song.  “Rip It Up” by Rock “n’ Roll Legend Little Richard was turned into a very cool Remix.

Little Richard – Rip It Up (JPOD Remix)

Remixed Blues songs

In the Category Remixed Blues Songs, You’ll find a whole lot of cool classic blues songs. All though the original versions of these songs also dig deep, I do like how DJ’s lift songs from 60 years ago up. JPOD knows how to do this best!

Producer JPOD

In the Bio of JPOD you’ll read that: “Equipped with creative motivation and armed with technical knowledge he continues to articulate an original sound rich with flavor. To keep him dancing JPOD consistently makes music with punchy beats and bouncy basslines.”(JPOD Artist website)

“Ever since his first heartbeat JPOD has had music in his soul. His natural sense of rhythm and movement led to a genuine love for dancing”. I really appreciate how DJ’s honor the music I love with fine remixes.

” But his strong commitment to music with soul has inspired incorporating such vintage sounds as funk, world, reggae, swing, blues, folk, bluegrass, latin, motown and more! With such a range of styles JPOD always takes you on a diverse journey that transforms the dance floor.” (JPOD Artist website)

Original Little Richard – Rip It Up

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