Junior Wells Blues Remix By Bubba73 -Own work- via Wikimedia Commons

Remixed Blues Songs: DJ’s __azk__ Remix of Junior Wells’ “Messin’ With The Kid”

Well, when you need some grooving blues music, one of the best around is Junior Wells for sure.  Junior was a king of the harp and everybody should have a copy of his Hoodoo Man Blues album. His music is still today an inspiration for many musicians and also DJ’s know how to adapt his work for a remix. Junior Wells hit “Messin’ with the Kid”  for example was beautifully remix by DJ _AZK_.

Junior Wells Hit song “Messing With The Kid”

“Messin’ with the Kid” was a high grooving cooperation between Buddy Guy and Junior Wells.  The Rhythmic melody of this song is unique and unlike other blues songs, the chord standard was creatively changed. Melvin B London actually wrote the song which Wells released in 1960 on a 7 inch vinyl for the Chief Records Label.

DJ _AZK_ Remix of Blues

Tom Azk a.k.a. dj _AZK_ remix “Messing With The Kid” fantastically. The song is groovy as hell, the funk in fueled intro is a killer and overall you’ll find some danceable beats in this remix.

AZK has been on the musical scene of the north of Spain since the 90’s. He started as a singer and guitar player in local rock bands until he fell in love with the blues and the harmonica, which is now always present in his productions and live shows.

Blues mixing with fresh electronic beats

AZK is also a big music technology and electronic music fan you will read on his website. He produced his firsts tracks with a Pentium 1 and FastTracker, and since then has not stopped researching. He is the resident dj at Biribay Jazz Club in Logroño (Spain) where he also directs the jam sessions. With his new project tries to recover the more danceable spirit of the blues mixing it with fresh and new electronic beats & sounds.

Take a look at his Soundcloud page and follow _AZK_ via Facebook here! I’m already a big fan of this type of blues remixes!

Photo Credit: By Bubba73 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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