Vera Hall Remix Blues Song Moby

Remixes blues songs Vera Hall’s “Trouble So Hard” by Moby in “Natural Blues”

Eighteen years ago electronic musician and producer Moby had a big hit with his remix “Natural Blues”,  the original version nevertheless was recorded by Adell Hall Ward, better known as Vera Hall.

Vera Hall – Trouble So Hard

She was an American folk singer, born in Livingston, Alabama. Her original version is a unique artwork and it is every time enjoyable to see how a traditional song is remixed and mashed up into a  ‘new’ song. The blues spirit, however,  always remains.

Soul singer Vera Hall Recorded alongside John Lomax in the 30s

Vera Hall is a soulful folksinger and recorded several songs throughout her career since the Nineteen Thirties.  John Avery Lomax recorded her for the Library of Congress in the 1930s. with the help of John Lomax she also performed in New York in 1948.

“Went down the hill
Other day
My soul got happy
And stayed all day”


Moby – Trouble So Hard

Mix of blues songs from almost a century ago

Interesting about the Moby version is how he created a mix that stays close to the original version. Most of all because the vocal melody is the trademark of this song.  Like many other remixed blues and folk songs,  “Natural Blues” proves that music from almost a century ago is still very relevant in today’s music. That’s why blues, folk and root music will always be influential.

Photo by Satoshi T – CC0 License via pexels

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