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The Live Rock’n’Roll Soul Surf Show: The Dustaphonics

London based the Dustaphonics are not an average band. It all began when actress Tura Satana, who you might know from the ’65 cult classic Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, asked DJ Healer Selecta aka Yvan Serrano to create some music for her new movie. So it happened “Healer Selecta’s Live Rock’n’Roll Soul Surf show”, Dustaphonics, was born.

Not a Traditional band: The Dustaphonics

The Dustaphonics is not a band in the traditional sense; instead, it is composed of founder bandleader, music director & producer Yvan Serrano, who selects and assembles a specific rotating line-up of London-based talented singers. This results in the diverse sound from Surf, to Rhythm and Blues and from Garage to Soul.

THE DUSTAPHONICS: Tura Satana Faster Pussycat Kill KIll

But above all, the Dustaphonics will let you dance to the best surf beats and swinging Rhythms. Think of bands like The Excitements, Guantánamo Baywatch and the Blueswater to get an idea of their sound.

Collective around Yvan Serrano

Yvan Serrano collected drummers and bass players to form a 4 piece band: Yvan playing guitar himself, and featuring Aina Roxx or Gizelle Smith or Hayley Red on vocals.

Dustaphonics: Don’t Let The Devil Drive Your Car

Several Dustaphonics albums since 2009

Over the years his band released several records, some may sound more surf, some more rhythm, some more blues. like a red thread, you’ll always find swing and a good reason to dance in their music. Since 2009 the Dustaphonics have released several albums and EP’s. Their debut EP Burlesque Queen is a real diamond.

Latest Album Johhny and Bo

But also their latest album Johnny and Bo, released in 2016 really kicks in hard. This band should be present on every summer festival to kick your ass. Songs like “You Don’t Love Me Anymore”, and “Tura Satana Tribute Song” are perfect examples of that.

I will certainly keep following the Dustaphonics for more music. Find out more on their website and Facebook.

Burlesque Queen


THE DUSTAPHONICS: You Gonna Wreck my Life (Howlin’Wolf)

Dustaphonics: Big Smoke London Town


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