Song of The Day: Buzz Buzz Buzz by the Hollywood Flames

Song of The Day: Buzz Buzz Buzz by the Hollywood Flames

This Rhythm and Blues band from Watts, Los Angeles was formed in 1957. Over the years these guys went through a variety of names. Like: Four Flames, Hollywood Four Flames, Jets, Ebbtides and satallites. The song above this article however was their biggest hit. Buzz Buzz Buzz was released in 1957 on Ebb Records. 

Flames founding member Bobby Byrd

Buzz Buzz Buzz was written by founding Member Bobby Byrd who also had a solo career as Bobby Day. He had a big hit with classic Rock ‘n Roll song Rockin’ Robin.

Like a good party, Buzz Buzz Buzz ensembles fun and energy. The vocals are clear and contain some great harmonious lines.Over the years The Hollywood Flames recorded at severall label including Chicago’s  Chess Label were they released their single “Gee”. After severall personnal changes the group eventually split up around 1967.

The Hollywood Flames – Frankenstein’s Den

Photo Credit: By Alfred Twu (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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