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Latest album “Candy Kisses” by 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll band The Truly Lover Trio

Fifties Rock ‘n’Roll fans will cheer about the newest album of Truly Lover Trio “Candy Kisses” which was released last year. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, singer/guitarist Marcel Riesco and his Truly Lover Trio deliver the finest Rock ‘n’Roll tunes in style of Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, and Carl Perkins. This band has performed at some of the biggest (and smallest) Rockabilly and 1950s Rock and Roll festivals in the world.

Truly Lover Trio – Candy Kisses

50s Rock ‘n’Roll Sound by The Truly Lover Trio

The Voice of early Roy Orbison revises when lead singer  Marcel Riesco starts singing.  You’ll hear that in  Candy Kisses the single of their newest album. The catchy vocal melodies about ‘my baby’ make you cheer.

Truly Lover Trio – Let’s Go Out Tonight

Truly Lover Trio for your local Festival

Candy Kisses is the Sixth album of the Truly Lover Trio and was released on Twinkletone Records. This album contains 14 brand new tracks. The Truly Lover Trio fits your local festival as a brand new jean and seems to be a whole lot of fun to see perform live.


Take Me Home – Truly Lover Trio

Honoring Roy Orbison

In line with their inspiration, they have performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the 11th Annual American Masters Series honoring Roy Orbison, which was headlined by Glen Campbell, Raul Malo, Billy Burnette, and The Crickets. In January 2008, the boys were a part of the Roy Orbison Tribute Weekend that took place at the Tempe Center for The Arts in Arizona where they played the music of Roy Orbison to a sell-out audience.

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Feature Photo: Credit to Truly Lover Trio and the photographer. 

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