Remembering Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Fats Domino with four of his finest hits

Every shop or marketplace you visit in search for some fine vinyl has a copy of Fats Domino for you. Just look a moment at the Wikipedia page of the New Orleans based Singer and Pianist and find out that “five of his records released before 1955 sold over a million copies and were certified as gold records.  He had 35 records in the U.S. Billboard Top 40. Last week Fats Domino died at age 89.

Fats had worldwide classic hits like “Blueberry Hill and “Ain’t That a Shame”. His music is always happy and his groove always tight. People who want to play piano should start learning his tunes you. I’ve listed some personal Fats Domino Favorites in this list.


1. Whiskey Heaven

“Whiskey Heaven” is a true classic an maybe the song with the best lyrics around. “You know the sun never shines in whiskey Heaven,  It rains Jack Daniels all the time”. The groove Fats created with “Whiskey Heaven”, fits the late alcohol hours perfectly. 

“It was a very upsetting day to hear about my dear friend Fats. We spent many good times together, from rockin’ on the road to spending time in each other’s homes for a good downhome country dinner. We’re both piano players from Louisiana. I love him, and now I miss him.”

– Jerry Lee Lewis –

2. I’m Walking

“I’m Walking”  stands out for its up-tempo rhythms. the piano, bass, drums and sax groove as fast as old-school Rock ‘n’ Roll gets. Also, the vocal melodies really bring a lot of joy.  This video was made during the Jazz Festival in The Hague, Holland.

3.  Let the Four Winds Blow

“Let the Four Wind Blows” shows power of music in its simplicity. The rhythmic groove from the piano to the melodies of the vocals make this song. Try to listen this song two times, without singing along, it ‘s pretty impossible.

4. Aint That Just Like A Woman

“Ain’t That Just like a Woman” is built on a fast blues line.  Especially the intro of this songs is what every piano player should do.  Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five , originally recorded this classic, but notable artist like:  BB King, Johnny Winter and  Fats Domino also Recorded “Ain’t That Just like a Woman”.

Photo By Klaus Hiltscher [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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