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Slapback Johnny Announces debut album release “Hit Me Up” for this summer

Slapback Johnny Delivers the finest Rockabilly music around and fans of this genre can make themselves ready for some great news! Cause this band hailin’from Holland is set to release their debut album “Hit Me Up” on Rhythm Bomb Records next month!  “Hoggin’ Around” is one of their fast thriving, well grooving, energetic songs. Listen to it up here!


Hard working band with a new album
“Hit Me Up”

According to their bio: “Slapback Johnny is a band that works hard and rocks even harder. Playing over 50 (international) shows every year since 2012 these guys are well known for their energetic live-shows. Richie’s hard hittin’ drum beats, Rex’ flaming guitar licks and Peter’s pounding bass are bound to get a crowd moving”. I couldn’t agree more on that statement.  

Slapback Johhny’s mix of Rockabilly, Jump Blues and Hillbilly

This band mixes all kinds of music we appreciat; classic rockabilly, rock and roll, jump blues and hillbilly. Put it in a blender and serve it wit a healthy dose of energy and a drive for rock ’n’ roll.

Listen and Read More about Slapback Johnny and their new Album here! 

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