Trainman Blues

From Chicago to the Hill Country and from Roots to Soul: The diverse songs of Trainman Blues

They clearly built their music in the house of blues and took inspiration from all styles in the roots, soul and blues genre before it developed into Rock ‘n’Roll. This results in soulful and bluesy songs with a whole lot of diversity. Trainman Blues is hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark and recently released three singles from their upcoming album. 

Blues with a fine touch of soul

They bring rhythms from the Hill Country Blues bands and bass grooves from the high day of the Chicago era. Guitar Solos that remind you of T-Bone Walker, BB, Freddie and Albert King. The vocals impress you for its soul, tone, but above all because it sounds very unique.

4 Piece band and Brainchild of Richard Farrell

Trainman Blues out of dust
Trainman Blues out of dust

Trainman Blues is a 4 piece blues and roots band and the brainchild of Irish singer/guitarist Richard Farrell, a traveling man, from New Orleans to Havana, Cuba to Colombia, and absorber of all styles of music. The blues has always been at the forefront of his life. Ronni Boysen is on guitar (Kokomo king and Mud Morgenfield), Laust Nielsen on Bass (Blues Producer and Mojo’s in-house Bass player) and drummer Thomas Crawfurd ( Fried Okra Band).

First Single “Out Of Dust”

Their first single “Out of Dust” reminds you vocally of jazz and old-time blued ballads like “Why Don’t You Do Right“. This is a well-written song you’ll also hear how old-time blues recorded with modern techniques sound like. The soulful backing arrangement complements “Out of Dust” perfectly.

Walking Blues

“Walking Blues!” This is one of the happier grooving songs of the Trainman Blues repertoire.  With a completely different arrangement and vibe this song shows the diversity of the band. “Out of Dust, brought me back to the 20s and 30s. “Walking Blues” reminds the seventies Muddy Waters “I Cant Be Satisfied” version.

3rd Single “Wholesome Treat”

“Wholesome Treat”,  grooves really fine and reminds you more of songs Little Walter used to play, mostly because of the interaction between the harmonica and the drum, in between lead-singer Richard Farrel vocally dances on this groove very nice.  Between the verses and choruses, you’ll find nice interludes which are variously played on harmonica and guitar.

Trainman Blues Album out in early 2018

The Trainman Blues Debut Album is set to be released in early 2018. I enjoyed listening to these Danish Bluesmen very much and look forward hearing more of them in the future. Follow, listen and read more about Trainman Blues here!  

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