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Homage to the dark roots of Americana: The .357 String Band

The .357 String Band takes you from traditional Roots to Americana and Folk, here and there to Gospel and of course like the name suggests to Bluegrass. But above all, they bring razor sharp, adrenaline-fueled live shows to your hometown with a sound the band calls Streetgrass.  

Wisconsin Bases .357 String Band

The Wisconsin state motto is simple – “Forward.” Milwaukee’s own .357 String Band epitomizes this spirit, they will tell you on their website. The .357 String Band was established in 2004. Over the years these guys have traveled more miles than most other bands; from the West Coast of the U.S. to as far east as Serbia, playing hundreds of shows in 10 different.

.357 String Band – Stillest Hour

Homage to both the dark roots of Americana

The band tells us they pay homage to both the dark roots of Americana – the fatalistic murder ballads, sneering Outlaw Country and unforgiving Gospel. Using only stringed instruments, The .357 String Band plays with all the fire and fury of Rock & Roll; with a surprising musical and lyrical refinement. To understand that statement you should really listen to songs like “Stillest Hour”, “Evil On My Mind” and “Down on a Bender”.

.357 String Band – Evil On My Mind

Sharing stages with the finest roots bands

Over the years the .357 String Band have played with bands from many genres, successfully sharing the stage with string bands like Old Crow Medicine Show and The Hackensaw Boys; Outlaw Country like Hank Williams III and Wayne Hancock. Also in the Blues Genre, these guys are familiar faces as they performed alongside musicians like Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band and Black Diamond Heavies.  Punk lovers may have seen them sharing the stage with the infamous ANTiSEEN and Exploited.

Three studio albums

Since their start, the .357 String Band has released three albums – 2006’s Ghost Town, 2008’s Fire & Hail and 2010’s Lightning From The North,

.357 String Band – Down on a Bender

.357 String Band Disbanded in 2012

The .357 String Band has since disbanded, heading their separate musical directions in 2012, and have since gone on to various solo projects and continue to tour under their own names

I would love to see these guys perform again, but on the other hand, they all went on to inspiring projects which are definitely worth listening. Like Mandolin player Jayke Orvis, kicking the hell out of the instrument. Or Banjo Player Joseph Huber and lead singer and guitarist Derek W. Dunn. Last of all you should check The BIlly Cook Band. Piece by piece all cool musical project. For now, listen to the .357 String Band.

.357 String Band – Raise the moon.

.357 String Band – Long Put Down That Gospel

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