New Album Hurry Home by The Deslondes: A beautiful blend of all roots, blues, folk and country

Hailin’ from New Orleans The Deslondes are remarkable for their inventive take on New Orleans Country and Rhythm and Blues. From Bluegrass to Folk and further, it is amazing how this band adopts all genres in the American Roots tradition in their repertoire. This September the band released their sophomore album Hurry Home via New West Records.

New Orleans based The Deslondes

The Deslondes released their second album which includes my personal favorites “Muddy Water” and “Hurricane Shakedown”. Hurry Home contains 13 songs in a variety of blues, roots, and country.

Blues ballad “Muddy Water”

The opening song of Hurry Home “Muddy Water” is a beautiful melancholic song. The melodic main riff digs deep and is nicely complemented by the piano parts which fill in at the right time and right place. The, in some way, sore and uncooked vocals standout and are supplemented by multi-vocal parts at the transition point of verse and chorus. The lyrics are like cycling good for evaluating life. You’ll hear these words all day spinning through your head.

“Run to the holler by the old trash pile
Pig farm’s closed but kids are still hog wild
Run to the river by the jumping bridge
I play my blues for the small town kid”

The Deslondes formed in 2013

The Deslondes are a five-piece band from New Orleans formed in 2013. The band name comes from one of the streets in their hometown neighborhood. Interesting about these guys is that before naming themselves The Deslondes you might have seen them in a band called The Tumbleweeds.

Hurry Home represents a sonic

The Deslondes album Hurry home 2017
The Deslondes album Hurry home 2017

shift from the country-folk of their debut to a psychedelic, electrified soul sound, with a stronger emphasis on organ and electric guitar, the band recalls in their biography.


“The band split up songwriting and lead vocal duties among its five members, Sam Doores, Riley Downing, Dan Cutler, John James Tourville and Cameron Snyder, continuing its democratic ethos and musical versatility”.

Rhythm and Blues in “Hurricane Shakedown”

The Rhythm and Blues influenced are most clear in “Hurricane Shakedown” an up-tempo song with pleasant vocals that run in front of the rhythm. This 1 minute and 49 seconds song is the happiest you get on “Hurry Home”

“Every Well” is a folkloric song with country influences, here you’ll hear the true blend of genres called The Deslondes.  You’ll  also notice the very nice multi-vocal parts all through this song. The organ creates a mix of tex-mex and folklore.  The finest ballads will be found in title Song “Hurry Home” and “Déjà Vu And A Blue Moon”.

Hurry Home is a beautiful album full of sounds that lay in the Roots, Folk, Country and Blues genre. I would definitely recommend this to all roots lovers. Listen more of The Deslondes here, and follow them here!


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