Songs of American Roots band Carolina Chocolate Drops

Songs of American Roots band  Carolina Chocolate Drops

Like their band name suggests the Carolina Chocolate Drops hail from North Carolina where they bring us roots music. Their songs are like a a cocktail in a mix of Blues, Jug band, String band, bluegrass and country. This Grammy award winning band is worth listening for many reason.

Discography and Hall Of Fame

Since 2005 the Carolina Chocolate Drops released several albums including: Heritage (2005), Dona Got A Ramblin’ Mind (2006),  Genuine Negro Jig (2010), Luminescent Orchestrii (2011) and Leaving Eden (2012). This march (2016) the Carolina Chocolate Drops announced they will be inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall Of Fame! 

Well what can you expect from such a high rising band. On the band website you’ll read that the Chocolate Dropas are “Armed with banjos, fiddles, guitars, jugs, kazoos, spoons and various other percussive “instruments,”. They also  like to cover some classic roots songs, and my favorite is Hank Williams‘ “Please Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”.

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

“Going Down The Road Feeling Bad”, is a song in the style of traditional Bluegrass, especially the strings bring a joyful groove, the vocals are harmonious and all together this is a perfect song for a nice music party. The origins of Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad”  are uncertain. According to Wikipedia “It was recorded by many artists through the years; the first known is Henry Whitter in 1924 as “Lonesome Road Blues”. Musicians like Cliff Carlisle, Woody Guthrie and the Grateful Dead earlier recorded this song.

Listen, like and read more about the Carolina Chocolate Drops

There is a whole lot to discover about the Carolina Chocolate Drops, their five studio albums speak for themselve. listen, like and read more about these North Carolina musicians on their website and social media.

Video/photo Credit:The Carolina Chocolate Drops perform their full set at the annual Yonder Mountain String Band Harvest Festival on Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas on October 17, 2014.

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