Unique Blues Collaboration between Mighty Mo Rogers and Baba Sissoko called Griot Blues

I came across a nice story of two musicians who met in the remote land of Lithuania.  A small country with a big musical heart. Blues musician Mighty Mo Rodgers (USA) and the keeper of ancient African Griot traditions, Baba Sissoko (Mali) found common ground in their Griot Blues sound. The result is a unique album built on blues and ancient roots music. 

Blues Music beyond Language

Interesting about the collaboration is that Baba Sissoko doesn’t speak English and Mighty Mo Rodgers speaks neither French or Italian. But who cares about language when the connection is the universal language of music, they tell us in their biography. The proof is this successful the release of their album via One Root Music this October.

Griot Blues’  Mali to Mississippi

“Mali To Mississippi” Is a fine electric blues song  like we  know from artist like Sonny Boy Williamson, Homesick James, and  Snooky Prior. The backing vocals nevertheless bring some holiness to the bluesy sound we all know so well. Mighty Mo Is an excellent singer who takes this song by the hand.  Always curious how the African blues sounds like? Listen to Griot Blues’s  “Mali to Mississippi”.

GRIOT BLUES photo credit goes to: Gediminas Bartuska.

African Roots in “Donke

“Donke” clearly drives on the roots influence, a rhythmic high grooving song. Especially the shared vocals of Mighty Mo and Baba Sissoko make this a very interesting song.

After recording the album the producers translated the lyrics, putting them to paper. Surprisingly, Baba and Mo were singing about the same thing. So this album was born from the depths of the human soul, where limits disappear. And where the American Blues musician felt his African roots and the African Griot storyteller welcomed the Blues… back home.

Read and listen more about Griot Blues here! 


Photo credit goes to: Gediminas Bartuska.

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