Jaded Juice Riders

Fast thriving Guitar and drum beats on New album Bowl Cut by Jaded Juice Riders

The Jaded Juice Riders are a surf rock band hailing from California. This October they released a new album Bowl Cut on Spirit Goth Records. Two songs are already brought out: ‘Deathsurf” and “Mr. Psycho”. This band really takes their song off full-throttle with powerful surf guitar riffs in style of the Dead Ghosts and Dick Dale and his Deltones. 

First Single “Deathsurf” Jaded Juice Riders

Built on a fast thriving guitar riff and complemented by a catchy solo tune this track is a wall of sound when it takes off.  Melancholic choir vocals are all over and make this song dig deep.  “Deathsurf” lasts 2.46-minute, but flies over as fast as you can imagine.

New song Mr. Psycho from Jaded Juice Riders album Bowl Cut

Opening with a killer drumbeat “Mr. Psycho” Kicks off.  The laid-back vocals which sound in some way nonchalant are a nice contrast with the drums and guitar parts! In the next few months, we will hopefully be able to hear more of Bowl Cut!


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