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Garage Rock how we like it! The Made Violent recording on Audiotree Live

Made Violent from Buffalo, NY delivers garage rock how we like it! Expect fast guitar riffs, built with a rock ‘n’ roll flavour. They tell us pretty good how “Lead singer Joe White’s rambling vocal style jumps from catchy surf melodies to monotone spoken word to exasperated yelps in line with the emotional flow of each noisy slacker rock jam”. This year the Garage band recorded fine tracks in the studio of Audiotree Live

Made Violent on Audiotree Live

Made Violent Garage with attitude

What I like most is the attitude of which this band is able to record their songs. In the studio, tracks can get flat or lose energy but Made Violent has no problem getting power and attitude on their records. Good examples are “Two Tone Hair” and “Wasted Days”

Made Violent – Dirty

Blending Surf, Punk, Garage and Rock ‘n’ Roll into Made Violent

Further is great to see how influences from Rock ‘n’ Roll, Punk, Surf and Rock Musics all blend together in the Made Violent Trademark Style. I’m in the front row of their future concerts and bet rock fans in Europe, Australia and all over the world will be enthusiastic for Made Violent concerts.

Made Violent – Wasted Days


Discover more music of Made Violent here! Follow them for support!

Band Members
Justin Acee – Drums
Joe White – Bass and Vocals
Rob Romano – Guitar

Made Violent –  On My Own

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