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NEW ALBUM by L.A. Witch: Reverb drenched Music for miscreants, burnouts, down-and-out dreamers

“This isn’t music for the masses; it’s music for miscreants, burnouts, down-and-out dreamers, and obsessive historians”. Hailin’ from Los Angeles L.A. Witch mixes a wall of sound with poetic soundscapes. Guitar rage meets Charles Bukowski. You’ll love their songs for the heavy and dreamy parts, and because of the different influences from blues to punk.

Debut Album “L.A. Witch”

Their debut album “L.A. Witch” will be released September 8th , 2017 on Suicide Squeeze records. These ladies are remarkable for mixing vintage garage rock like The Pleasure Seekers did in the sixties, and on the other hand to Junior Kimbrough and T Model Ford’s  Hill Country Blues.

L.A. Witch mixing Blues and Garage Rock, the best of both worlds

The best example of this talent is hearable in “untitled” which groove brings you to the lonesome Delta and on the other hand, the reverb drenched guitar also creates some burlesque nightclub vibe in your living room, car or any place you can listen to this music.

“Years before the Manson family forever tarnishes the infinite hope of the Western enclave and before the Hell’s Angels of Altamont interrupt rock n’ roll’s peaceful trajectory with unprecedented violence, there is still a dreamy California sound for those dark rooms suffused with neon light. The three women of L.A. Witch wouldn’t be born for several decades, but their sound transports you back to those warm Californian nights in smoky rooms.”

Hailin’ from Los Angeles

In their band bio, you’ll read that “the name is a partial misnomer. Though the band hails from Los Angeles, they do not partake in any sort of witchcraft. Yet their ability to conjure a specific time and place through their sound does suggest a kind of magic”.

“Drive Your Car”

One of my favorite songs is “Drive Your Car”, an up tempo power songs,  and a perfect introduction to the 60s Garage sound, the Tura Satana attitude and the music of L.A. Witch.  They tell us “The melodies forgo the bubblegum pop for a druggy haze that straddles the line between seedy glory and ominous balladry”.

After hearing several songs, you’ll understand that L.A. Witch is broad influences by all sorts of genres and musicians.

These three ladies all have their one remarkable addition to the sound:  “Sade Sanchez’s black velvet vocals disguise the malicious intent of this murder ballad, with the thumping pulse of bassist Irita Pai, the slow-burn build of drummer Ellie English, and Sanchez’s desert guitar twang helping beguile the listener into becoming a willing accomplice to the narrator’s crimes”.

Recorded at Hurley Studios in Costa Mesa

L.A. Witch was recorded at Hurley Studios in Costa Mesa and mixed in Highland Park, Los Angeles, though early incarnations of several songs from the album originally surfaced on limited edition singles released over the last several years. Suicide Squeeze Records releases their debut album on September 8 th , 2017.

I’m really enthusiastic about this album! L.A. Witch tours through Europe this September and through the US in October. Follow and listen more of L.A. Witch Here
LAW - Press Photo by Michelle Rubio
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