Revival of the 1970s New York Cult Garage & Surf from Fear City

Revival of the 1970s New York Cult Garage & Surf from Fear City

Fear City is a musical collaboration started by guitarist Rory Fortune (formally of The Infrareds) and bassist Marlon Sporer (formally of The Occasion). Initially the duo was drawn together by their mutual interests in Surf Rock, Link Wray and Davie Allan but through the process of songwriting developed a broader creative scope.

Fear City brings us a pretty awesome instrumental album with kick ass guitar tunes in the tradition of Link Wray and Dick Dale, but  don’t be fooled they do know how to keep their sound unique. You will hear that in the noise, the heavy grooves and variations. Try to listen ‘Big Slab’  and ‘Fast Getaway’ to get this vibe.

Sounds like: Link Wray | Dick Dale | Hound Dog Taylor | Guantanamo Baywatch | The Cramps

Inpired by 1970s New York Cult

I really like the origins of Fear Citiy’ inspiration as they are hailin’ from New York City, they began to draw inspiration from 1970’s New York Cult movies and the overall sense of a much grittier and dangerous time in the city’s history. Eventually a concept emerged to re-imagine surf music as if it originated in NYC and how it would sound as if surrounded by the noise of a dystopic dystopic urban environment rather than beach parties and surfing.

Fear City Name

In the sense of their inspiration and origins, the band name was Fear City comes from a pamphlet distributed to tourists in the mid 70’s as a guide to avoid being victimized by crime in a city that was brought to it’s knees by corruption, neglect, drugs and violence, they tell us in the band bio.

Fear city band NYC surf rock n roll music

Self-titled Debut album

Recently Fear City released their self-titled debut album. Like the band describes on their website correctly, “it has a cinematic feel and acts as a sort of soundtrack of a glimpse into a film noir New York that hasn’t sold its soul to corporate America yet”.

Rock-N-Roll & Surf rock Revival

Fear City shows the talent to create Rock ‘n Roll, Surf, and Garage which they perform like a jam of old dogs from the 1970s New York scene.   their songs are varied and easy listenable, but above all, you really feel your living in a cinematic scene of a New York Noir movie. I’m looking forward hearing more of Fear City in the future.


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