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Rock ‘n’ Roll of A Giant Dog speaks to the hearts of slackers, burnouts, rockers, sluts, and creeps

Well, it was half way the second round of the usual friday night beer session, when I heard A Giant Dog through the speakers. “Sex and Drugs” was on and I thought It was an unheard soundtrack of the 2017 version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Later we listened more of their songs and discovered a similar groove you hear in Garage Rock music, except there is a theatrical juice over their music. We discovered these folks are hailin’ from Austin, Texas and releases their ablum Pile last hear.

Speaking to the hearts of slackers. Rockers. Sluts and creeps

Curious about their style we searched the web and found out that “No band better speaks to the hearts of slackers, burnouts, rockers, sluts, and creeps everywhere than A Giant Dog.”, Which is a perfect description of their music.

AC/DC, The Ramones, Joan Jett

Forging their friendships in the crucible of their Houston, TX, high school, Sabrina Ellis (vocals), Andrew Cashen (vocals, guitar), and Orville Neeley (drums) first got their start covering AC/DC, The Ramones, Joan Jett, and the finer points of the Back to the Future soundtrack at school dances under the band name Youth In Asia. 

Reuniting in Austin in 2008, they enlisted their pals Andy Bauer (guitar) and Graham Low (bass) and christened the act A Giant Dog.

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