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Surf Curse delivers themes about love through a cinematic lens of surf, noir poetry and catchy riffs

SURF CURSE brings us scenic soundscapes built on surf drum beats and catchy guitar riffs. Hailing from Reno, Nevada their music expresses themes of “young and romantic love”, as they tell us on their website. What started as a basement project between Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck is six years later a successful band.  in 2017 they released their latest album  Nothing Yet, which contains beautiful songs about life and love.


Noir poetic lyrics  of “Nostalgia” and “All is Lost”

Surf Curse brings noir poetic beauty to their songs with lyrics as “You’re the tumor in my head,.. And I can’t live without it”.. Cause I remember When.,”. “Nostalgia” tells in that way the Blues of forgetting somebody beautifully.  “All is  Lost”, tells a similar story about coming back to each other


Surf Curse – Forever Dumb

The band that could be playing your Prom

They describe themselves as “the band that could be playing your prom, if the Prom Queen was covered in pig blood an killing everyone inside”. That is actually quite right, and alongside Surf Curse bands as Seattle based Prom Queen and The Fright would make a pretty good line-up.

Surf Curse can be described as a mix of those other two bands. Their less garage than The Frights and harder than Prom Queen, share the themes in their music that contains love story through a cinematic lens.


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