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3 Teenagers hell-bent on keeping Rock n Roll alive: “The Young Barons”

Hailing from the Bay Area The Young Barons are a Surf band made up of 3 Teenagers hell-bent on keeping Rock n Roll alive. These young guys seem to achieve that goal easily as they bring catchy and traditional surf that groove like the sixties surf bands they are inspired by.  They recently released their debut album “Bitchin'”.



The Young Barons Album “Bitchin”

The Young Barons honor their heroes by recording some classics songs on their new album “Bitchin'”.  You’ll hear classics from the surf music world like Dick Dale’s classic “Miserlou”, The Lively Ones’ “Surfrider” and the Ventures’  “Walk Don’t Run“.

Listen The Young Barons

Via you can hear pretty fine parts of this enjoyable album, Follow and hear more here!


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