The Tubosonics -Steeltown Shakedown Car Cruise - Photo by Sacred Pistons

The Turbosonics’ Surf songs celebrating car cruises, B-movies, street racing, rockabilly and pin-up girls,

The Turbosonics are delivering Surf Rock like it should be:  sleazy, and fast thriving. Their music also pairs well with car cruises, B-movies, street racing, rockabilly, pin-up girls, the 1960’s, and just about any event involving fun, fun, fun.  The Band released two full studio albums since their start in 2008:  “The Turbosonics” in 2012 and ” Tres Gatos Suave”  in 2015.


Influence and formation of the TurboSonics

The band’s influences include Dick DaleHuevos RancherosThe SurfarisLink WrayThe AstronautsThe ChantaysReverend Horton HeatLos Straitjackets, and the list goes on. The band formed in 2008 when drummer, Timmy Klatte, determined to fulfill his dream of starting a surf band, placed an ad for a lead guitarist on the Craigslist.  Jason Truckenbrod, originally from Buffalo, NY, responded to the ad and quickly realized what a fun concept Timmy had brewing.

The Turbosonics

Back in 2008 the band started under the name The Surf Zombies.  In their bio Anyway, you’ll read that upon discovering another surf band from Iowa calling themselves The Surf Zombies, the band redefined themselves as The Turbosonics.

On their debut, self-titled CD, The Turbosonics’ original compositions blend the authentic instrumental surf sound with rockabilly vibes and the raw edge that defines their unique style… “Playin’ Surf at Maximum Impact!”

The Turbosonics sound is driving, loud and dripping with reverb.  Most first-timers walk away from their shows not knowing what hit them, remarking, “All that sound from just three guys?!”

Photo credit: The Tubosonics -Steeltown Shakedown Car Cruise – Photo by Sacred Pistons

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