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Message to the Young: Howlin’ Wolf’s most funking blues album

Message to the Young: Howlin’ Wolf most funking blues album

In 1971 Howlin’ Wolf released two albums. I earlier wrote about the London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions, an album Wolf cooperated with Eric Clapton for. But the other 1971 album: Message To The Young is maybe the funkiest Howlin’ Wolf record you will find. This record kept me awake all night listening funky Howlin’ Wolf blues and drinking a fair amount of beer.

I Smell a Rat, the favorite song

My favorite song on this album is “I Smell a Rat” a song you really dig that grooving guitar throughout the song.
Feel that bass flying over the string like boemboem, boemboem, boem boem… Hear Wolf sing “I Smell A Rat baby, someone start to sneak around. I Smell a Rat Baby, I ain’t no Fool”. You really feel the songs energy and move along with it.

She’s looking good is also a a true funking song. Great about this hit! Are the trumpet and the trombone highlighting the songs groove. Message to The Young another great song on this album is worth listening a couple of times in a row. Wolf teaches the blues singing: “I’ve been playing blues for a long time that’s why I sing the blues. That’s why I moan sometimes, you just want to moan”.

Howlin’ Wolf’s Blues Guitarists

Just as Long is one of the songs the Guitar really gets you listening. Guitarist Jon Stocklin of the Rotary Connection plays the guitar together with Bryce Roberson who was a guitarist, bass player and engineer at the Chess Studio in Chicago. Stocklin’s Rotary Connection was the backing band for most of the cadet concept recordings. A fusion and psychedelic band known for recording the Electric Mud album .

Howlin’ Wolf was such a versatile musician since he picked up the guitar and harmonica in Mississippi. For the cadet concept label Wolf made a psychedelic album, for chess he made straight Chicago blues and with Message to the Young funking blues and for Sun Folk blues. All the Howlin’ Wolf Albums are worth listening, but don’t forget Message to The Young.black bull blues 2015-02-28 17.45.50

Howlin’ Wolf – Message To The Young ( Full Album ) 1971

1.If I Were A Bird
2.I Smell A Rat
3.Miss James
4.Message To The Young
5.She’s Looking Good
6.Just As Long
7.Romance Without Fiance
8.Turn Me On

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