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Powerful Blues and Soul of LA’s Vintage Trouble

Powerful Blues and Soul of LA’s Vintage Trouble

Vintage_Trouble Photo credit - Peter Mc Cabe
Credit Feature photo: Press photo of Vintage Trouble. Credits to Vintage Trouble and Peter Mc Cabe

LA-based blues and soul band Vintage Trouble is a Live-wired, straight-shootin, dirty-mouth’d, pelvis-pushing juke joint revival festival. The blues and Soul of the fifties and sixties haven’t come that close since Vintage Trouble took the stage. I’m imagining the way they would perform Otis Redding’s “left all the water running” or Albert Kings “born under a bad sign”. But honestly Vintage Trouble doesn’t need a cover to show how they can play them Blues and Soul.

The blues rockers from Vintage Trouble started playing blues in a Hollywood studio in 2010, inspired by the music of legends like The Rolling Stones, Ike and Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin and Chuck Berry. Vintage Trouble took off like a rocket, performing around the States and Europe in their starting year. In their second year alive, these fellows released first album The Bomb Shelter Sessions (2011).

Debut Album ‘The Bomb Shelter Sessions’

With ‘The Bomb Shelter Sessions’ Vintage Trouble shows how the love for rhythmic, groovy and rocking soul music can be expressed. In songs like “Blues Hand Me Down”, “Total Strangers” and “Jezzebella” the energy of this band really rocks out of your speakers. “Run Outta You” is a more soulful –Otis Redding- kind of song and a example that the album is as divers as the music they love. it that takes skill Vintage Trouble obviously has.

Vintage Trouble on Stage in Europe and US

Since starting playing music in 2010 Vintage Trouble has gone from playing intimate hometown clubs to opening for The Rolling Stones in London’s Hyde Park, touring North America and Europe with The Who and playing headline shows worldwide.
In 2014 a special five-song EP called ‘The Swing House Acoustic Sessions’ was released by the retro-rockers Vintage Trouble performs one of the new tracks, “Another Man’s Words,” live in the studio in this video.

NEW Album Vintage Trouble

Since the spring of 2014 Vintage Trouble is part of the Blue Note Record family. A new album of the band can be expect in 2015! I’m really looking forward!

Read more about Vintage Trouble on their website and Facebook


Credit Feature photo: Press photo of Vintage Trouble. Credits to Vintage Trouble and Peter Mc Cabe


Vintage Trouble – “Jezzebella”

Vintage Trouble – “Pelvis Pusher”

Vintage Trouble – ‘ With A Little Help From My Friends ‘

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Albert King a guitar, blues, soul and Stax

Albert King a guitar, blues, soul and Stax

Albert_King_1978 Photo Lionel DECOSTER PARIS France
Albert_King_1978 Photo Lionel DECOSTER PARIS France

Imagine a big stage with a wall of Marshall amplifiers, a backline of trumpets, a crowd already dancing. In front of the stage an impressive 6ft7 figure wearing a red smoking, a yellow Gibson Flying V around his neck that looks like a toy, and a pipe that acts as a personal smoke machine. No this is no Guns ‘n Roses or Rolling Stones concert, it is the way Albert King did it.

Stax Records Albert King
He didn’t made fame in Chicago at the Chess family or in Mississippi alongside the delta Bluesman, Albert King was a Memphis made musician at Stax Records. The Label that produced many hits inter alia ‘Green Unions’ by Booker T and the MG’s or the work of Isaac Hayes, Little Milton and of the main persona of this Blog, Albert King.

Blues Power

Albert the preacher
Faced the crowd
Saying, “Everybody
Have the blues”
Can You feel it

Soul, Funk and Blues

The traditional steam train blues wasn´t Albert´s thing, He started as a percussionist  playing for Jimmy Reed. The rhythmic part of his later music has always been his trademark in my opinion. Songs like ´ Born Under a Bad Sign´, or ´She Caught the Katy´ are based on the bass and drum like in mostly all of the by Stax created hits. Put on that a Flying V guitar flavour presented by King himself.

In Session with Stevie Ray Vaughn

He cooperated with a lot of blues guitarist like  Stevie Ray Vaughn, a session between the two greats was recorded called ´In Session´. Especially for Guitarist this 90 minute during jam is a must see.

Albert King Covers

King also covered a lot of songs in his own funky and soulful bluesstyle. I really like his version of Honky Tonk Woman. Another must listen of the 250  or 300 pound guitar great is ´Tupelo´. One of his rare traditional Blues songs, recorded with Pops Staples & Steve Cropper.

Albert King and his Notorious Flying V

Blues was mostly made in Mississippi or Chicago, The Roots lay in Mississippi, and you can say the Fruits were made In Chicago. That principle doesn’t count for Albert King.  This bigman is mostly known for the way he plays on his notorious Gibson Flying V. A man with a soulful voice, a rhythmic backline, Albert King a Stax records bluesman was a great musician.

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Mississippi Blues Trail Markers blogs

I was always singing the way I felt, and maybe I didn’t exactly know it, but I just didn’t like the way things were down there-in Mississippi.
Muddy Waters

The Mississippi Blues Trail Markers

Mississippi is the blues, no state has more music history as the The Magnolia State Mississippi. The blues is honored in Mississippi with The Blues Trail markers. It tell stories through words and images of bluesmen and women and how the places where they lived and the times in which they existed, and continue to exist, influenced their
music. not only musicians like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Albert King are part of the trailmark also historical places like the Hi Hat Club, Highway 10 & 61 and Parchman Farm are included.Elvis Presley house Black Bul blues blog

On the Black Bull Blues Blog I’ll try to write some nice pieces about the Blues Trail. For expample Parchman Farm, or Highway 10.

Parchman Farm – Parchman

The Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman has inspired many songs, including “Parchman Farm Blues” by singer-guitarist Booker “Bukka” White, who was once an inmate here, and “Parchman Farm” by jazz singer-pianist Mose Allison

John Lee Hooker Trail Mark
John Lee Hooker Trail Mark

Highway 10 & 61 – Leland

A major source of income for blues artists in the first half of the 20th century was tips. This corner, formerly the intersection of highways 10 and 61, was a profitable spot, particularly on Saturdays when people from the country came to town. Passengers on the “Planter,” a train that ran daily from New Orleans to Memphis, also stopped here to eat dinner and be entertained by Delta musicians.

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Blues Blog – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King

“Some of us can be examples about going ahead and growing, and some of us, unfortunately, don’t make it there, and end up being examples because they had to die. I hit rock bottom, but thank God my bottom wasn’t death.”

– Stevie Ray Vaughan –


photo credit: Austin, Music Capitol of the world! via photopin (license)

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